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3 scheduled sessions per month

  1. Self-inventory and discovery to put you on the path to a rebuild your personal and social identity.  

    1. Define your life purpose to understand what your calling and passion is.

    2. Define your values so that your life is more satisfying and meaningful to you.  

  2. Mindset mastery that will energize and power you towards embracing your new life.

    1. Change your limiting beliefs into empowering ones so that nothing stops you on the path to being boss of you life again.

    2. Develop self-care so that you ensure that you’re well rested and ready for action. 

  3. Build a high-level network of supporters who will champion your success and help elevate your mindset and actions.

    1. Get your husband and family on board so that they can support you emotionally and in other aspects

    2. Find you “champions” so that you’re inspired by them and can learn from them.

    3. Find your accountability partner who can help you stick to the action you planned.

    4. Start networking so that you can grow your network of friends in the new country.

  4. The Cycle of Success - Implement, Overcome, Adjust, and Repeat. 

Kasia Michaels coaching

Click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call 

via Skype to see how we can work together. 

The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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