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Ready for business, but lost in the expat world? Join the elite group of expat spouses and moms who retake control of their personal, social and professional lives.


Ready to create a fulfilling professional life but worried about:

>> getting started in a foreign country
>> having time to look after your family
>> finding the right support personally and professionally?


Great, then you landed in EXACTLY the right place.

If someone revealed this formula to me 15 years ago, when I gave up my corporate job in Poland and followed my husband to move abroad, I would have been enormously grateful.


Unfortunately, nobody did.


Instead I ran in circles trying to reinvent myself, but I:

-       was overwhelmed with a life in a foreign country 

-       lacked the support of my extended family and friends back home 

-       wondered how to apply my skills and strengths

-       needed to identify my values and life purpose

-       was too stressed and exhausted to get started with a proper action plan 

-       desperately needed an energy boost

 -      needed to take better care of myself as an expat mom and spouse.

In 2013 I took a big leap to reinvent myself when I enrolled in a coaching school in Brussels to become a professional life coach.

That jump began my path to self-confidence and fulfilment.


And to the rewarding life I lead now.

All of this came despite starting my coaching business in Germany - a country I never fell in love with and whose language I’ll never master.

Long gone are my years of frustration, isolation and wonder who I am. It took me more than 10 years to figure it out.


You don't have to suffer for that long.

Can you imagine that in just three months of working together, you get back the energy and zest for creating your new life, and find ways to overcome obstacles?

Three months – it's about half the time it takes to organize your family’s life after landing in the new country.

All you need is to take care of three fundamental areas that you've neglected so far.


But wait.

I need to ask you something before you scroll further down.


I want to I know if you make the same mistake as many trailing spouses do  - even long-timers.

Do you play the victim?

Let me explain.


Do you think you have to be completely dedicated to your kids and home?


Must you sort out all the practicalities of life in your new country on your own?


And are you completely overwhelmed and exhausted because no one is taking care of you? 

Do you have no space or time to take care of your own needs? It seems impossible to avoid, since your partner usually works long hours and travels a lot in his expat job.


Do you find excuses for not empowering yourself?

“I don’t speak the local language, I have no family around to help me out with the kids, and my husband doesn’t support me.”


Would you be surprised if I told you that 90 percent of trailing spouses never go back to their professional career in their home country?

However...only 15% make an effort to do something about it.


My program is designed for motivated women who want to stop playing the victim and take their lives in their own hands.

So, do you want to continue playing the victim?

If your answer is "NO," let me help you.

In our three months together, you will:
- learn a faster and less stressful way to build your identity far from your home country
- discover my methods and tools for setting up your community in your new country
- identify your strengths and skills that you can use to build your space wherever you are and no matter what language you speak. NO PERIOD
- understand what your calling and purpose are – what gives you the true satisfaction and what you want your legacy to be.  
- identify the areas you need to improve so you can build a good foundation for the “New You”
- learn the secret of how you can find energy to cope with the daily challenges of an expat life.NO PERIOD
-  find out how to cope with doubts and fears
- start overcoming obstacles on your path to mompowerment
- become an action taker
find your super powers that will help you reinvent  your life and stay on the course once the program concludes.


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