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Attract clients from your very first FB live

You want to talk to your ideal clients live, in an easy-going and professional tone?

You want to come off just like all those other people you see live-streaming on Facebook?

But instead, you cringe at the idea of chatting live online...

Don't worry anymore.


You need just 10 minutes to read my

"Facebook Live Mastery"

plus another 20 minutes to prepare for your live broadcast on FB.

You can also watch my video on effective livestreaming.


Even if you haven't done a live before, you will soon do it with confidence.

17 €

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 Master Facebook Lives in 30 minutes  

"I wish I could do that!" – you think to yourself. "I'd definitely get clients if I could live-stream comfortably!"


But it's frightening and you don’t know how to get started


>> Should you stream from your FB page or your profile? 


>> How would you begin the broadcast? 


>> What would you do with your hands? 


>> How can you remember everything you want to say? 


>> How would you even know if anyone is watching you?

With my guide it's easy.

How's that possible? Well, first of all, act now -- don’t delay.


That's the mistake that many people make.


And as a result, they leave money on the table.


So, don’t delay anymore ….

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I want the guide

17 €

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When I decided to start marketing my coaching programs online, I knew I had to broadcast live on Facebook to connect with my potential clients.


I put it off because I didn’t know how to get started. 


Before I dared to go live on Facebook for the first time, I looked for information online. I found tons of tips and do's-and-don’ts. I asked more experienced people for advice


Finally, I simply jumped in the deep end and did my first Facebook live.


The start was stressful. I was shaking and sweating. I was terrified that anyone would actually see it. 


And when I finished, I felt so energized that I wanted to do it again and again


I tested every bit I had learned online. Some tips turned out to be useful, some were useless

Yes, I want the guide!

17 €

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If you want to impress your clients online, grab my "Facebook Live Mastery” which covers:

• how to choose an interesting topic that will attract your ideal audience

• how to prepare yourself to speak confidently and smoothly

• how to behave in front of the camera so that you don’t look tense or scared

• how to wrap up your live stream -- it's as important as beginning your broadcast

• technical points -- what and when you should press, click, etc., to go successfully live on Facebook

• what to do to reach as many viewers as possible and how to use your video afterwards on other media.

Yes, I want the guide!

17 €

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"The more I stream live now, the closer I am

to my audience

on Facebook.

And the more comfortable I feel."

You can skip the step of looking for helpful information on how to do live streaming on Facebook. 


I've already done the work for you. To save you time and effort, I gathered all my knowledge and experience in this comprehensive guide "Facebook Live Mastery”.


Build the foundation for your successful live streaming with my checklist. 


It will take you only 30 minutes to:


>> read the guide

>> make a first short live broadcast on Facebook (I'll explain how to do it so only you can see it, and not the whole world)

>> evaluate what you need to improve for the next time when you do a public live. 


You could even go live for real after just your first trial.


One thing is sure: you’ll take the first step into the mastery of FB lives.


Which means that the door to attracting clients online will be wide open.

Yes, I want the guide!

17 €

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Kasia Michaels, ICF ACC, is the Expat Mompreneurs’ Coach. Her clients are international women who hop among countries  all over the world. 


She has lived and worked in five different countries, starting in a new field each time. She has raised two kids far from grandparents, tackled foreign bureaucracies and networked in unfamiliar cities.


Visibility and establishing a deep connection with potential and current clients has been a top priority in Kasia's business from the moment she got started. 


To achieve those goals, Kasia runs live workshops, leads a Meetup group and hosts a Facebook group. 


Mastering live videos in her FB group and in other groups has allowed Kasia to build a special connection with her community, become more visible and achieving a deeper impact online. 


Now she wants to share her secrets with YOU!


If you’re an online entrepreneur who wants to develop magnetic messaging with your audience – and do it efficiently, elegantly and with confidence - then let Kasia and her passion be your guide.

All rights reserved

2017 Copyright Kasia Michaels Coaching

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