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"Kasia and I had a great conversation which left me feeling reinvigorated about my life and the opportunities it holds. Even though I've always been an open, extroverted and ambitious person, she really helped me to focus in on what was important and to take pride in what I have achieved. Rather than thinking about what might be wrong or missing, she had me focus on what makes me unique, and came up with great ideas for positive, practical steps I could take to build upon those strengths. She is the kind of person who accepts you for you are and then encourages you to be your best self, rather than to fit into somebody else's mould. All in all it was a wonderful conversation which, for the rest of the day, had people asking me "Why are you so happy?" and "Is it your birthday?". I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Anna McDougall

Wiesbaden, Germany

I was introduced to Kasia during the most difficult time of my life. Before reaching this state, I had always been a positive, strong and a highly motivated individual. But during this period I felt absolutely broken, powerless, paralysed, confused and drained. Despite my various attempts, I wasn't able to proceed in any sphere of my life. On top of that, stress connected with all these issues had an immensely negative influence on my health. I found myself on a downward spiral that Kasia managed to help me break out of.


I can not find appropriate words to express how much Kasia has helped me. She has been gently but decisively digging into my mind and soul in order to understand the most complex problems. She has always been empathetic and compassionate, as well as insightful -- and with a firm, solution-oriented approach. She has led me through the process of recognising the reasons behind my breakdown and self-destruction.


Additionally, Kasia has always been warm, personal and open, while simultaneously focused on the progress of our joint efforts in coaching process.


Kasia is not the type of a coach whose job finishes after the session is over. It is important to note that Kasia has thoroughly analysed each of our sessions and the topics we've discussed. She has regularly sent me relevant articles, podcasts, tests, videos, as well as exercises and suggested techniques to practice. She makes sure her clients do not gradually grow depend on her. On the contrary, her goal is to see them becoming increasingly independent, self-sufficient and able to reach their highest potential using their own means of overcoming obstacles.


Moreover, Kasia always makes sure her client actively works on self-development outside the sessions, through practical tasks. I still today use techniques and benefit from the practical advice Kasia offered.


Thanks to Kasia's coaching, I have been able to get back on the right track with my life, both personally and professionally. My stress-related health issues have disappeared. I have been able to clarify what I truly want in life and how I should strive to achieve my re-assessed goals.


More importantly, I have gained excitement and motivation to do it. In addition, I have changed my outlook on certain things. Last, but definitely not least, working with Kasia has allowed me to discover again true inner peace and happiness in my life.


I will be forever grateful to Kasia for her time, high involvement, sincere care, shared professional knowledge combined with social intelligence, intuition and great inter-personal skills that have all collectively led to a massive positive change in my life.

Thank you, Kasia.

Magdalena Borkowska


"I considered trying coaching a couple of times. I read a lot of books on the subject. Yet there always was a "but," mainly because the coaches I encountered tended to impose their vision of life and beliefs, prescribing one right way to proceed. This turned me off coaching several times. But after a few sessions with Kasia, I could see she is different from my previous coaches. Kasia makes suggestions and focuses my attention on particular issues, but she always allows me to take a path that I choose myself. This approach for me is the most effective."

Anna Suchta

Warsaw, Poland

"Already from the first session Kasia has the ability to make you feel very comfortable to open up about yourself. Thanks to the fluent conversation and her guidance she makes you look at yourself or your situation from a different perspective. This allows you to be proactive in taking actions and reach the goal of being 40% Happier!"

Antonina Lobanova

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"Kasia is a great coach. Her approach is gentle yet inquisitive, curious, caring and loving. She makes sure you explore your goal and ideas in depth and come up with a solid action plan and commitments. 

Kasia, with her skilled questioning technique and knowledge, encouraged me to explore my limiting beliefs that held me back from moving forward and I was able to objectively evaluate my own performance.

As a coach myself, I know how important is to set goals and have clarity around your ideas so that you can achieve all your desires. Kasia is a great coach supervisor and I truly recommend working with her for anybody who values personal development and personal growth as part of your inner success."


Karolina Khan, Ignite and Grow Coaching

Birmingham, UK

"My conversations with Kasia, full of humor, awareness and accurate insights, allowed me to take a journey into myself, and through it:

• take the right course, meaning  to become aware anew of the general sense of my daily activities, lost in the routine,  and to set goals;

• mobilize the necessary forces and resources, meaning organizing my time and space and learning how to charge my batteries -- to rest and take care of my body, so as to operate in a more productive way;

• shed unnecessary ballast, meaning unmasking erroneous, limiting beliefs about myself and my needs in order to finally

• sit at the oars, meaning  recovering energy and internal motivation needed to achieve the established goals and consequently happily reach the destination port.

Highly recommended ."


Agnieszka Górecka

Paris, France

"I have known Kasia as a coach for almost 2 years and I find her a very motivational, inspiring, well-informed coach. She not only coaches, she is also very open about sharing her knowledge, offering real-life examples and providing you with valuable resources (books, links, etc.) that could be useful for your development.

Kasia helped me personally to stay focused on my goals and have more clarity and well-defined short- and long-term plans, and to strengthen my self-esteem at times... I also received many valuable insights about myself and my deep inner values. 

I observed Kasia growing as a coach. I found she worked hard on her own development.

She also has very rich expat experience living abroad in different countries and working with people from all over the world. And it was important to me since I am also an expat.

She can challenge you when it’s needed or listen openly with compassion. I definitely recommend Kasia because she is a very ethical, professional and very supportive coach!"


Olga Kouk

Brussels, Belgium

"My coaching sessions with Kasia gave me a clearer structure for approaching a job interview; 

"Situation games" we conducted were very helpful to lighten the stress before the interview;

That preparation allowed me to better focus on my strengths and more clearly point out my resources and achievements;

I felt, in general, calmer and more positive and

I felt empowered to take control of what I wanted to communicate and how.

Moreover, our sessions gave me many very helpful ideas for scheduling, prioritizing and managing my time and to create a daily structure;

What’s even more important: our sessions gave me the will to plan forthcoming and new activities; to project myself into the future and to think of failure as an opportunity to train myself for the best, for THE moment to come."


Maria Corrales Jimenez

Brussels, Belgium

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The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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