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That’s what I said to myself in October 2013, when I signed up for my coaching course. It was a yearlong course at a coaching school affiliated with the International Coach Federation. The school had a great reputation and the instructors had amazing credentials.

Still, the cost was significant. My hand was trembling when I signed the agreement.

All sorts of thoughts went through my head…

“Will I be able to finish the course?” “What if the course is too hard?” “What if I don’t have time to study?” “What if it turns out to be boring or not good enough?”

I had some fear and doubts but I was also excited, reminding myself...

“I will learn so many interesting things about how human beings operate.” “The other course members seem very inspiring and interesting.” “I’ll be able to coach people and empower them to maximize their potential.”

In the end, the excitement and resolve were stronger than the fear and doubts. So I signed up and paid the first installment.

And the next one. And the next one…

Back to 2017. I have a coaching business, helping expat women to reinvent themselves and become mom-boss of their life and business. I wouldn’t be able to do this without having taken my course.

It was a big investment but not the only one. Once you start your own business, you need to invest in training, coaching, systems, technology — and then even less glamorous things like an accountant and business cards. The list is long.

There’s no way around it if you want to be an expert and a professional.

And what about you? Have you made any big investments in your future? Did your hand tremble when you pulled out the credit card?

Congratulations! It’s a sign you’re in for the long haul.

XOXO Kasia

P.S. You haven't made any investments in your future yet, because you simply don't know your life's purpose?

- Do you feel like you lost a sense of self when you became a trailing spouse and put your career on the back burner? - Are you ready to reinvent yourself personally, socially and professionally? - Do you need guidance to define your life's purpose?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, I have a solution for you.

A free “Picture your Purpose” 20-minute session (by Skype) is just for you, if you want to: - define your personal and professional purpose so that you can plan your journey from Expat Mom to Expat Mom Boss;

- identify how your purpose can guide you towards successfully building your business while continuing to care for your family;

- choose a first step that you can take immediately, to get the ball rolling. Secure your slot today:

Picture your purpose

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