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Starting business as an expat mom

Learning that I was pregnant with my first daughter was one of the best days of my life. Another one was when I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter.

I was an expat mom, living in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I was freshly married, in love and just so elated.

When I told my husband the news, we were both overjoyed. And yet, there was a teeny tiny problem: At that time we were planning our belated honeymoon in South Africa. Once I was expecting, it was clear we had to scratch that destination, mostly because of several necessary vaccinations.

So we went to California instead. Choosing a honeymoon in the wine country when you’re pregnant and can’t taste any wine wasn’t our best idea, but the weather was great and we had lots of fun even without the delicious Merlot.

Why am I telling you this story when I’m a life coach, helping expat women create their portable businesses?

Because starting a business is like getting pregnant – there’s never perfect time for it.

That’s what came up recently in a conversation with an international mom who’s tempted by the idea of setting up her business but she’s sure that the timing isn’t right.

Her family just moved to a new country in January. Her son had to start a new school mid-semester and has been stressed about the whole move.

And perhaps she’s right, perhaps she should wait a few months to settle down a bit and have a bigger support network around her.

But there’s a also danger of putting the decision off, because sometimes expat moms get so settled in their routine of being at home that getting out of that comfort zone is very hard.

And sometimes actually creating a business could help with making friends and feeling a part of the community.

Establishing a business is a process, and if you break it down to small, easy steps, it won't be so overwhelming and scary.

One thing is certain: There’s never a perfect timing for it.

So why wait?

Download the free "Partner Pitch" to get your husband on board with your business idea.


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